Backroom Audio Workshop

Backroom Audio Workshop


Conveniently located in Rockaway in Northern NJ, The Backroom Audio Workshop is an exciting new opportunity in audio education. Taught entirely in studios and control rooms of our state of the art recording facility, the BAW program imparts the practical, real-world knowledge that will allow you to begin furthering your career, and improving your home recordings right away. Written and taught by experienced engineers/instructors with major label credits, our course is designed to be both engaging and surprisingly affordable. Classes are forming now, so contact us today, and start doing what you love!

Backroom Audio Workshop Seminars
The BAW seminars are a series of four day programs 2.5hrs each, designed to provide an introduction to various facets of audio production. They are ideal for anyone getting into the world of home studio or DAW recording. There are three unique courses that can be taken a la carte to suit the subjects that interest you most. All our classes are hands-on, and are taught 1-on-1 with Kevin Antreassian:

Level 1 – Studio Basics/Intro to Audio Concepts
This course introduces the student to the essential equipment found in all recording studios and home DAW systems. It covers introductory audio concepts, equalization, compression/gating, with lots of emphasis on ear training for frequency recognition. Students will learn on both actual outboard hardware and software inside Pro Tools HD.

Level 2 – Microphone techniques/Instrument Tracking
The 2nd level focuses on learning all the various types of microphones (their names, common uses, polar patterns etc…) and how to effectively use them.  To demonstrate this, we spend a good deal of time fully micing up a drum kit from start to finish as well as learning how to deal with phase related issue when multi-micing guitar cabs.

Level 3 – The Session Seminar
In this class, students become part of the modern recording process.  They will be required to record a full live set (4-5 bands) from one of our very own Backroom Studios shows that we host each month.  After the show is over students will get to learn to edit, mix and master the material from start to finish.  The instructor will explain each phase of the process in detail so that students understand the techniques and etiquette required to capture and produce music on a professional level.

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