Recording Services

Our Recording Services

– Multitrack Recording and Mixing
– Digital Protools HD Recording
– Digital Editing, Mastering, Transfers (Audio and Video) and MIDI Sequencing
– 1 track to 256 track digital computerized editing services (Protools HD 48kHz, 24bit)
– Voiceovers
– Album song order sequencing
– Mastering to CD quality (EQ, Dynamics, PQ+Loudness Adjustments)
– Audio Restoration for vintage and noisy recordings: removal of hiss, vinyl pops and clicks and additional unwanted noise
– Internet Audio Conversion: Convert CD files and mixes to MP3 standards
– Musical Score Printing from MIDI files
– Production Packages, Studio Musicians
– Don’t forget about our Online Services


Production and Arranging

Backroom Studios can provide in-house producers, arrangers and studio musicians if needed. We at Backroom Studios are sensitive to all musicians needs and budgets. We will work with you to achieve a standard of excellence. Please contact us to discuss the best options for your project.

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