Our Recording Services

– Multitrack Recording and Mixing
– Protools HD Recording
– Digital Editing, Mastering, Transfers (Audio and Video) and MIDI Sequencing
– 384 track digital editing services (Protools Ultimate 192kHz, 32bit)
– Voiceovers
– Album song order sequencing
– Mastering to CD quality (EQ, Dynamics, PQ+Loudness Adjustments)
– Audio Restoration for vintage and noisy recordings: removal of hiss, vinyl pops and clicks and additional unwanted noise
– Internet Audio Conversion: Convert CD files and mixes to MP3 standards
– Musical Score Printing from MIDI files
– Production Packages, Studio Musicians

Hourly Rate: $75 (2-hr min)
Day rates available



Production and Arranging

Backroom Studios can provide in-house producers, arrangers and studio musicians if needed. We at Backroom Studios are sensitive to all musicians needs and budgets. We will work with you to achieve a standard of excellence. Please contact us to discuss the best options for your project.


: Want your tracks mixed? We can do albums, songs, EP’s, collection, whatever you want. Really the sky is the limit. We’re capable of taking on any style that comes our way.

Pay online with PayPal. Receive email instructions for secure file transfer. After we review your files and select the best engineer for the job, you will then speak with the producer or audio engineer about your project goals via phone, email, or video chat. We then set off to work keeping you informed every step of the way.

: Recorded your tracks at home but still need that professional mix? Bogged down by complicated audio editing programs? Buy now online, send us your file(s) from home and have us at Backroom help to get the sound you want. Three rounds of edits are included before final mastering. Your first round of edits will typically arrive within a few days after we receive your audio files.

*Instrumentals and backing/click tracks are NOT usually included in the mix fee.  If you know you will need these as well, please address it with your engineer prior to the mix.


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