SITE B Live Sessions

We offer a full production service focused on creating the most intimate and cinematic high-quality live performance videos for musicians and bands; one take with a multi-cam and multi-track set up, persevering the raw performance of the artist or band, producing a pleasurable blend of live stage performance and in-studio production.

*LIVE IN STUDIO sessions are an extension of SITE B, a New York City based independent film production company — we like to refer to these sessions as “VISUAL EP’S” so that artists may represent both their music and stage presence in an audio/visual package. Our filmmakers use the latest digital cinema equipment to capture each session with artistic precision, while our post production process utilizes the latest non-linear video editing applications. LIVE IN STUDIO‘s “VISUAL EP” package includes

  • A day session of studio time
  •  A full multiple camera shoot, with 3 shooters and 5-6 cameras at one time
  • Multi-track audio recording with professional mixing and mastering of the final audio
  • Professional photography of the entire day session with performance shots, as well as behind-the-scenes
  • Lighting props and stage set-up are included to give the video an atmospheric feel
  • Video footage edited & color graded into Full HD videos
  • Featured artist on our YouTube page
  • Full social media promotion via Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, & Twitter

In addition to LIVE IN STUDIO we offer different tiers and styles of live sessions; Contact us to discuss the best options for your project!

Will Wood & The Tapeworms

Evening Darling

The Lounge Act

The Heavy Howl

Reckless Serenade


Requiem (ex- I Am Ghost)

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