In this day and age in the music industry it seems that many engineers can wear multiple hats. Mastering was once thought of as a somewhat mysterious aspect of making a record. Or at the very least, one that many had a hard time understanding.

While it can be hard to describe EXACTLY what mastering means, we here at Backroom believe that it is an absolutely necessity to the process.


“Kevin is a wizard, a bearded magical mastering being. Recently I had the pleasure of swinging by Backroom Studios in New Jersey to work with Kevin on mastering our new record. Within minutes of receiving the raw tracks, Kevin was able to overhaul our sound and turn it into the Rock N Roll equivalent of the big bang. I was very impressed with his ear and completely knowledge of every aspect of mastering and honestly his insane ability to edit on the fly and constantly come up with new ideas that fit the artist perfectly. Thank you Kevin for your kindness, patience, and being a musical badass.”

-Mathew Franklin of Cadaver Dogs


Mastering $100 per Song

Message us about our Mastering services. You’ll receive emailed instructions for a secure file transfer of your mixed .aiff or .wav file for final mastering. Your track will be run through analog equalization, compression, and limiting with custom settings dialed in unique to your song. Be sure to include any special instructions, ISRC, or CD text requirements (Title, Performer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Message).


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